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Really Rich KP: Memphis BIG POPPA By FLM Staff

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

FLM: Who are you?

KP: Really Rich KP

FLM Where are you from?

KP: Memphis

FLM: When did you get into Music?

KP: I started taking it serious 2017/2018

FLM: Who are your artistic inspirations (could be a person or thing)

KP: OG Double Dee the biggest in it! FLM: What words would you use to describe your music?

KP: Timeless Rich

FLM: What are you bringing to the game that it doesn’t have right now?

KP: Organic originality Real lyrics

FLM: Name a few places your Music has taken you so far?

KP: 10 different states, VH1, industry parties and more.

FLM: What other your interest do you have outside of Music?

KP: Hustling investing cars

FLM: Who have you collaborated with in the music industry?

KP: Mainly producers no major features yet

FLM: How can our readers reach you?

KP: Instagram@1reallyrichkp or

FLM: Are you making a living off of your musical talents?

KP: Music is one of my hustles so yes.

I am developing a tv show and I ask these last few questions to everyone

1. What are your go to sneakers?


2. Do you prefer roller skates or blades? Roller skates

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