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FLM Artist Of The Month

Keira Kang - Recording Artist - Los Angeles, California

FLM-What does music mean to you?

Music to me is synonymous with life. It takes you through the ebbs and flows of it all, it is not separate from me.

FLM- What is your process like creating new music? How do you get in the zone?

It depends on the mood, the environment and the song. Sometimes it's lyrics that float into my head. A dope melody or an ad lib. It could be a sick sample I found or a progression I came across by messing around on a plugin. I play keys so I get inspired off of beautiful jazz chord changes and fills as well. It's really endless and limitless without a single answer. It's art.

FLM- What got you into your music career? How long have you been doing music?

I've been doing music and some form of performing arts my entire life. Began training classical piano at age 4. I've always been a R&B and hip hop girl tho.

FLM- What are you bringing to the world that it doesn't have right now?

Me. At the end of the day, simply put, ME. I can put labels to it, but why? I hate labels. Singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, educator, Korean American. Fuck that, I'm just me and I'm here to express myself in all artistic forms and mediums, no boundaries.

FLM- Who or what inspires you artistically?

So many incredible artists have shaped who I am today from Mariah Carey, TLC and Lauryn Hill to 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle. More recent acts like Brent Faiyaz, Snoh Aalegra and Tinashe.

FLM- Where has your career taken you so far?

On a crazy healing journey of rebirth, self transformation and entrepreneurship. I recently dropped the first two singles off my self produced debut album Ethereal, set to be out in 2023.

FLM- How would you describe your creative style?

Passionate, intense, sensual, dreamy, sultry, ethereal... Classy widda a splash of street.

FLM- What are some other hobbies or interest of yours?

Spirituality, self actualization, healing, yoga, dance, finance, investing, business, entrepreneurship, world arts and cultures, foreign languages

FLM- Who have you collaborated with so far?

I'm part of a dope Los Angeles based artist collective Nothing 2 See Hear! So much love and good vibes coming out this camp! Nothing 2 See Hear consists of rappers Mic Holden, Low Blow and Sens Musiq.

FLM- Who do you want to work with in the future?

6lack, SiR, Buddy... James Fauntleroy

FLM- Any projects that we should be on the lookout for?, My two singles just dropped and they're a whole mood.

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