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FAITH MEETS FASHION! Recap by Katie Kerl!

Katie Kerl

Face Fulton county 40 days of Fashion is in full motion. Curated by David Manuel is exposing the city to true culture. By captivating Atlanta in a new way, he hopes to see more immersive creativity in upcoming fashion shows. Who will change the game next?

Fulton County director of Arts and Culture

Sunday night was a prime example of what happens when you have faith. A last-minute chair rental hiccup led to finding exactly the correct number of seats from a neighbor. For their audience. Faith Meets Fashion is a unique platform that celebrates the intersection of faith and fashion, recognizing that these two powerful forces can coalesce to uplift and empower individuals in their pursuit of success. This event brought together renowned fashion designers with a unique underground shopping experience, and fashion show. This experience allowed people to share their personal stories of triumph, resilience, and the role that faith played in their own journey.

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Guest and Christal Jordan

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