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Good morning we were invited to cover the revealing of a really cool mural on Edgewood Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward next to Handlebar and Slutty Vegan restaurant. In a month RED BULL DANCE YOUR STYLE finals will be here in Atlanta in the underground to bring that fire. I am sure you have seen all the viral clips and excitement around it WORLDWIDE. The world finals are in Mumbai, India on November 9, 2024 so get your passports ready travel. The event started off inside of handlebar with drinks provided by Red Bull and a few light bites from the host venue. There was small speech from one of the representatives of the dancers and the artist Chanell Angelique who created the mural provided insight into its vibe or look. " Being that this is a historically black community I think that it's so dope that RED BULL sponsored this mural to be here for DANCE YOUR STYLE because we know that dance originated in Africa and that through us, and we have carried that culture in history all the way here and the spirit of African American culture now. That's one the reasons why the bodies that are in motion are in black silhouette is because I wanted everyone to be able to see what we can capsulate. We are so much of our ancestors; our history carries generations and generations of culture within us it's in our DNA." Chanell Angelique. If you're on Edgewood traveling south and are approaching that busy intersection of Boulevard and Edgewood look to your RIGHT on the wall next to SLUTTY VEGAN the mural stands BRIGHT COLORS AND BEAUTIFUL and a testament to our ancestry. Images provided by Andrew Mccoral for The Cork Brothers Media

Red Bull representatives Leah Williams, Mural artist Chanell Angelique and Maegan 10 also Red Bull representative.

The HANDLEBAR on Edgewood Ave in the Old Fourth Ward

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