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Virgil Abloh "FIGURES OF SPEECH is his legacy in ART!

Virgil ABLOH "Figures of Speech” was on display here in Atlanta from November 12, 2019- March 8, 2020. Crowds of many ethnicities and backgrounds crowed they halls of High Art Museum to catch a glimpse of the Art designs of the man who got his start working in fashion as a under study of music icon Kanye West. But most are Familiar with his clothing line “OFF WHITE” a street that speaks to the street hustler of NYC as well as the Wall Street stockbroker chilling in the Hampton’s for the weekend. Figures of speech was just as the title states colorful, eclectic and creative in all areas. From the wall of images of a fashion show in Milan or Paris to images of fella with golds in his mouth wearing a supreme t shirt. There was a black wall EMBLAZONED with the words “YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY IN THE WRONG PLACE “in gold bright lights with mannequins posing standing, sitting and kneeling. I was impressed to say the least his use of words, colors, phrases and pictures was DOPE. He also provided the viewers with a cool BTS video of building his first brand PYREX VISION to accompany his exhibit in a side room. I have provided you guys with a few images from the show I hope you enjoy them like I did. Virgil is one of the most creative people in the industry today. Think from a creative perspective he designed Off White which some would consider a urban or street brand and now he is the head designer at Louis Vuitton. Mr. Abloh forever the businessman had a pop-up shop at the end of the exhibit complete with T shirts, hats, posters, hoodies and books with the images you had just seen on your journey through his “FIGURES OF SPEECH”

Quote “This twenty-year survey shows how I am constantly looking for a way to transform myself from conquer to producer, navigating a path between “Tourist” and “Purist, “between

the literal and the figurative. Virgil Abloh

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