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The Female Picasso! Charis Kelley

We had the pleasure to conduct a brief interview with her and learned more about who she is and how she is selling her art around the world while teaching other passionate artist to do the same!

FLM: Who are you?

CK: I am an Artist and a consummate creative, blessed to do what I love to

do every day of my life and I live life with no regrets.

FLM: Describe your personality in one word?

CK: Creative

FLM: Where are you from?

CK: Houston, Texas

FLM: Who inspired you to pick up the paint brush?

CK: My Elementary School Art Teacher, Beverly Gayle and JJ from Good Times

FLM: What words would you use to describe your artistic style?

CK: Textured, Mixed Media, Portraiture in vivid color.

FLM: Who gave you the name Femmeblaicasso?

CK: This guy at my old apartment and at first, I dismissed it until it just caught

for me because it said everything I wanted to say in a name.

FLM: Are you a full-time artist meaning do you make a living from your artwork?

CK: Yes, I have been fulltime since 2013.

FLM: Name a few places your Art has taken you so far or travels etc.?

CK: I have traveled to Atlanta a few times working with brands such as Miguel

Wilson Collection, Bentley Atlanta and McCallan. I was commissioned to create 7

pieces for NFL Draft Power Player Awards in Vegas. And while working for

MOD Pizza I was able to constantly travel to different locations creating murals

in different states for about 3 years.

FLM: Do you have any interest outside of painting?

CK: Business, the artistry is easy but, being a student of Business is what really

intrigues me as a small business owner

FLM: Where is your artwork currently displayed?

CK: I currently have artwork at Atlantatuky Brewing in Atlanta and a well

know restaurant in Houston called Lucille’s which has been on display for 3


FLM: Have you sold a lot of commissioned pieces over the years?

CK: Yes, in fact during the pandemic I was able to sell about 40 pieces in 3years

from a wine bar in Houston.

FLM: Are you married or single?

CK: I’m single

FLM: Do you have any kids?

CK: No children

FLM: . How many siblings do you have?

CK: No Siblings

FLM: How can our readers reach you?

CK: Instagram @femmeblaicasso Charis Kelley and Femme Blaicasso Kollection

on Facebook if interested in any of my work

FLM: We are developing a tv show and ask these last few questions to everyone

FLM: What is your go to sneaker if you wear them at all?


FLM: Do you prefer roller skates or blades

NBA Hall Of Famer Tracey Mcgrady and Guest

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