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Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker is a force of nature. As a well-respected wealth builder, she is life influencer changing lives. Her passion for helping people is palpable and positively impacts the lives within her sphere of influence and beyond.

We got a chance to do a Q&A with Sonia to get some insight into threal estate of her mind!

FLM- Do you remember when the seed of entrepreneurship and real estate investing was first planted in you?

SB- The seed was planted through my grandfather. I grew up around real estate. I was quite fascinated at an early age by the power of land ownership and development.

FLM- You talk about how your mentor, the late, great Herman J. Russell, always stressed to you to “Focus”. Is there a specific word or concept that you share with the people you mentor?

SB- That’s a good one. I think about that word all the time like daily. It’s amazing how scattered and distracted we become. I remember that I used to hate when he said that but I later realized how right he was and the magnitude of what you can accomplish when you actually do it.

FLM- When was it clear to you that you had your first book in you and ready to share with the world?

SB- I talk about these turning points in my latest book “ Living Legacy: Purpose, Passion, Prosperity.” One day I literally couldn’t get out of bed for days! It was a bad real estate project that I was losing tons of money on. I swore that if God got me out of that deal that I would never do real estate again. I soon realized that wasn’t the point of that lesson. It was to help me to establish a new model, one that I knew I had to share with the world. It changed everything for me. I actually ended up breaking even on the property and it has been the cornerstone of how I approach real estate. I talk about my journey in the Essence best selling book “Real Estate & Wealth: Investing in the American Dream.”

FLM- You want to change how people think about wealth. In your experience, how do the majority of people currently think about wealth and what’s the biggest hurdle you’ve found in trying to influence them to shift their thinking in regards to wealth?

SB- In my opinion I have found that people don’t actually think of wealth as a mindset. They usually think in terms of dollar amounts. This is further from how it works. This led me to coin the phrase, “you build wealth one dollar, one decision at a time.” The first thing people say is that okay Sonia, I have a dollar. It’s about making a conscious decision about every dollar you spend. It’s a game changer. Especially when you realize that if you spend $5 a day on a cup of coffee, that’s essentially $1800 in a year!

FLM- Out of all of your accomplishments, is there one that you’re most proud of?

SB- Well this is cliche I’m sure, but I’m really proud of my 13-year son and my role as his mother. I actually never saw myself as being like a mom. So I think it sometimes surprises me about the “job” I’m doing. He’s a really good human.

FLM- What do you think is the ideal age for children to start learning wealth building principles?

SB- As early as possible. I started sharing principles with my son as early as 3-4 years old. Basic things like where do money come from, not a tree. When our children see us spending money it’s important to make connections of the value that you put on things.

FLM- Do you think anyone can get into real-estate investing or does it take a specific type of personality or natural ability to be successful at it?

SB- Oh my goodness. I actually think anyone can do it with the right tools. I’m really proud of the fact that I have attracted many women to real estate investing. Real estate has always been such a male dominated field. I think it’s because they are less risk averse. The main thing for women I teach is to “fall in love with the numbers and not the property.” We can get so emotionally caught up sometimes.

FLM- When you get a moment of peace, quiet, and alone time how do you relax your mind?

SB- Water! A bath, hot-tub, a lake, an ocean. I love peace and quiet during the pandemic. I would look at myself in the bathroom for hours. I also love the power of nature and doing simple things like taking a walk or bike riding.

FLM- How is AI going to impact wealth building going forward?

SB- Definitely, it’s going to change everything from how we make money to how we build wealth. It’s already affecting our decision making or lack of decision making. I think the worse part is that most people don’t really understand how it’s slowly impacting every area of their llives.

FLM- Finish this sentence…I’m happiest when…

SB- I am happiest when I’m doing exactly what I want to do, how I want to do and when I want to do. This is what I appreciate most about being an entrepreneur.

FLM - When you think of the legacy you want to leave, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

SB- The first thought is that I’m living the legacy everyday that will be left. This thought process sparked my latest book, Living Legacy.

FLM- What’s the best way for people to connect with you?

SB- By going to my website, you can also download some free resources and all of my social media is there!

Fame Live Magazine thanks Sonia Booker for sharing her time and expertise. It was an honor to connect with her and we look forward seeing more of what she has in store.

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