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Geo Agriculture and how it will change how you grow things

Good evening if you have never heard of GeoAG you should pay close attention. Because it is the science of growing any plant from ROCKS with soil. Hence the name of Soilless! A week ago, we had the opportunity to talk about it with Mr. Richard Campbell below is a exert from our interview with him that will appear in our next issue.

FLM: At what stage in your life did you develop a interest in Geo Agriculture?

Richard Campbell: The geological agriculture body of research began in 1994 as a hobby. I was watching television at my uncle's house in Nashville TN when he called me out to explain a phenomenon occurring outdoors. When I got outside, he showed me a vine that had a watermelon on growing

on a bed of rocks. He asked Richard why am I looking at this watermelon? I responded well the roots of that watermelon are in the ground underneath the rocks. he commented but that's impossible. Last fall he dug up the area and laid fabric and rocks down because he didn't want any more maintenance. But after he completed the project, I came back out here and ate watermelon and spit seeds out. Underneath those rocks right now is fabric; the roots are not touching the soil. I then kneel down move the rocks and observe the roots growing along the fabric. I conclude it that the rocks were providing the food for that watermelon. He responded that it was impossible, and I said that well it shouldn't be. Rocks are minerals, minerals are nutrients and nutrients are fertilizers, they are at least cousins. He said OK and then I returned to watching television and a few weeks later went off the Peace Corps in Mali West Africa. He then began buying more rock and seed and started growing plants for the neighborhood. Over the years he would send me photos of his rock gardens.

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