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Cocoa Canvas

Dollie Michelle - Visual Artist From Philadelphia

FLM- How would you describe your art?

My art is feminine, socially conscious, empowering and for the culture. It highlights black women and it’s my goal for black women to see their beauty when they see my art.                                                                                       FLM- What was your experience like when you first began doing your artwork?

    As long as I can remember art has been apart of my life. When I first started painting, it was exciting. I wasn’t taking it as serious as I am now but I’ve always had lots of support behind me when it came to the art. I started painting to just get a credit in college. I took an intro to painting elective and it’s been up ever since. I impressed my professor being too in the class never having painted before then. When I first started, I didn’t have a specific style or mission but as time went on I found my love for painting black women and making the women who look like me, my muse.

FLM- Describe to us your creative process, how do you get in your zone?

I start by scrolling the internet, social media, and different content platforms for inspiration. Pintrest has been my fave platform to gather inspiration and build mood boards for particular collections I’m working on or single pieces I’m working on. I then set up my space and turn on some music to listen too. Sometimes then process can be quick, where it takes a hour to get myself set up and other times it may be a few hours or a day or two before I start the actual work. Once I’m in the zone I’m locked in.

FLM- What are you bringing to the world that it doesn't have right now?

I bring to the world pure, authentic appreciation for not only being a black girl but love for just black women in general. We live in a society that will tell us that our features and culture only looks good and acceptable on European beauty standards. It’s my job and passion to promote otherwise. Black women are bomb all on their own. That’s what I want people to see when I show up in the world.

FLM- Who or what inspires you artistically?

Who inspires me artistically? I’d say as OutKast would say, “me and you…yo momma and yo cousin too.” Black women are my muse! Ima black girl who paints black girls. Being a black woman is what inspires me daily artistically.

FLM- Where has your career taken you so far?

So far my career in art has allowed me meet so many great people. I started taking it more seriously this past year and it has taken me many open mics, personal events for people, creating art for many musicians local and global. I became an international artist competed my first piece for an international musician. Most recently, it has opened the door to be able to not only attend but showcase in my first Mimi Art Basel 2022!

FLM- How would you describe your creative style?

My creative style is bold and colorful

FLM- What are some other hobbies or interest of yours?

Other hobbies or interests include, writing, listening to music, and attending movies and concerts. I also love bonding over talks with food.

FLM- Who have you collaborated with so far?

I’ve collaborated with artists such as Canadian based artist Jon Vinyl, Savanah Christina as well as Philadelphia based local talent.

FLM- Who do you want to work with in the future?

Right now, I do not have a specific person I’d want to work with but I’m am open to any new opportunities.

FLM- Any projects that we should be on the lookout for?

Currently, working on a self care journal and coloring book hybrid for black girls as well as, “The Black Girl Deserves…” art collection and apparel.

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