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Angela Watts: Atlanta Fashion Week

Angela Watts says being directional is key in leadership By Christal Jordan

The name Angela Watts is synonymous with fashion in the city of Atlanta. An advocate for emerging designers, Angela has provided numerous opportunities for fashion designers in a city that until recently was not a part of the fashion scene. “A few years back I started going to shows in NY, etc. and I see talent from Atlanta in the front rows at the biggest shows. We see Atlanta culture influencing music and fashion around the world. My goal has been to connect the dots between that influence and the presence in the city.” Angela started providing opportunities for emerging designers years ago with her company Ragtrade, a community platform committed to providing leadership and promoting Atlanta’s fashion community through strategic and creative programming to re-position Atlanta’s fashion industry as a key player in the global fashion space. Under Angela’s leadership the platform has received the support of the the city of Atlanta Mayor’s office of Film and Entertainment to organize the city’s official fashion week - Atlanta Fashion Week. This year will mark the 3rd year for the official ATLFW and Angela is excited about the growth in sponsorship and programming.

A former entertainment and events public relations professional, Angela credits following her instinct with success in the second chapter of her career. “Fashion has always been my passion and when I was working in other industries, I just didn’t feel that internal connection. Initially I was looking to collaborate with others, but through trial and error I learned that I needed to be directional with my intent and energy. Many people say you should be intentional, but your actions follow your direction which yields results. My thoughts and words and actions needed to line up in order for me to reach the goals I’ve set for my companies. Being directional made all the difference for me.”

Atlanta Fashion Week is scheduled for October 5-8, 2021. For more information visit:

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